A new venture and a return to my roots in design was the launch of a range of printed textiles under a label celebrating my family name of MICHAELSON. It features fabrics for fashion and furnishing beginning with a collection of silk squares, neckerchiefs/pocket handkerchiefs and scarves.

The colourful images used are all drawn from my body of photographic work in architecture, construction and industry that contrast dramatically with the softness of silk Crepe de Chine to give a really unusual effect.

Below are some of the images on which the designs are based and pictures of the squares and scarves themselves. 

The MICHAELSON range also includes collections of bags and accessories.  The Ceres collection applies images from the industrial archaeology of the area around our base in Fife - once the centre of linen production in Scotland. It uses Fife Linen, still woven locally in Scotland's last operating linen works.

The Linen Plus collection combines Fife Linen with elements of the original silk fabrics to produce sturdy bags with a touch of luxury.  

For more information and ordering please go to Contacts page or email michaelwolchover@icloud.com

Silk Square GoldSilk Square BronzeGoldSilverBronzeGoldGold ScarfSilverSilver DetailBronze DetailBronze